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Please ensure you use this online portal to submit RMA related enquiries only.

If your query is not RMA related, below is a list of our other teams that may be able to assist:

Enquiries or requests relating to:

Direct your enquiry to:

Easements, or requests for approval under Easements; Landowner approval requests

Transpower’s Property Team

Jacob Snedden –

Undergrounding or moving Transpower assets

Transpower’s Customer Solutions Team

Before u dig and underground cables

0800 248 344 OR

Structure Planning, or Private District Plan Changes

Transpower’s Environment Policy Team

Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF)

Transpower’s Environmental Specialist

Matt Walker –

Landowner Enquiries

Your local Landowner Relations Advisor or Liaison Officer

0508 LANDOWNER / 0508 526 369637 OR

All other enquiries

Electrical Engineering Consultancies

The following engineering consultants are capable of undertaking NZECP Electrical Clearance Assessments:

Lumen – Peter Greenway (03) 363 1130 or 021 383 479
BECA (09) 300 9000
Calibre - Philip Hoby (09) 525 9770
Groundline Engineering (03) 365 2061
Jacobs (09) 928 5500

Please note that Transpower is required to review this report (under NZECP Section 3). Please ensure you submit this report when you submit your enquiry.

In a grid emergency ALWAYS call our 24-hour hotline - 0800 THE GRID / 0800 843 4743